Frequently Asked Questions

What is World FoodCompany and how it contributes to the Global Food Industry?

World Food Company lets the farms, agriculture/ food-production specialists & companies, food businesses/ agents to list their business needs and deals on our digital portal which essentially contributes to the Global Food Industry.

How Global OnlineFoodBank works?

World Food Company’s Global Online FoodBank is specially-crafted and specifically developed for Global Food Industry and is an online portal and a market place for connecting the agriculture and food businesses around the globe. Any relevant business or a person will list their food stocks, food business needs and food production agreements on this platform. Anyone in the world can view the business leads on this online foodbank and complete the necessary orders. In addition to that, the World Food Company is also buying food stocks and contract farming agreements that are listed on the platform and perform the trades privately with its accredited investors and buyers. World Food Company also has its official and accredited agents globally to perform food production and trading operation on behalf of World FoodCompany.

What are secure payment methods?

World Food Company provides its platform for everyone around the world and informs everyone to take safe actions when paying for the goods and services and therefore World Food Company advises its clients to make payment only with cash on delivery option. The businesses and clients conducting import or export trades are strongly advised to make transactions only by "Letter of Credit". 

What are the benefits available for farmers and food businesses on the digital portal?

Farmers and food businesses get a platform to publish their products and services along with a private realtime online store facility equipped with a full-scale inventory management system for completely free of charge. 

Is this platform free for everyone?

Yes, this platform is completely free for everyone around the globe. We are working towards contributing to the Global Food Industry and therefore we believe that making our platform free of charge for everyone that enables us to increase the global food production and supply throughout the coming years.

Also, we believe that making our platform free for everyone which enables everyone to consider reducing the prices of the food commodities which is helpful in fulfilling the food demand in the developing countries and eventually feeding hunger all over the globe.